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Masterminds Enrichment Club

As children grow, play, and learn, in their formative preschool years, they should be given freedom to explore their interests and develop their talents.

By providing a holistic learning environment with the help of specially designed playrooms and unique enrichment programmes, Masterminds enables your child to develop a greater appreciation for the world around them and build a stronger foundation for life.


At Masterminds, we believe that a child’s every experience has the potential to impact the rest of their lives.


By exposing children to new stimuli in a positive, guided manner, we give them opportunities to learn, practice, and develop valuable knowledge and life skills.

Embracing the concept of neuroplasticity – how new experiences can transform the brain – we go beyond the classroom to provide opportunities for children to grow and develop.

  • Unique playrooms give children the confidence to explore.

  • Montessori-based lessons empower them as active learners.

  • Modular enrichment programmes are tailored to every child’s needs.

As an enrichment club, Masterminds goes beyond the traditional school experience to provide a wide variety of carefully selected afternoon enrichment programmes, which are suitable for children from Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 2.


Our modular enrichment programmes can serve as an afternoon component of your child’s kindergarten programme. You can register for them individually on a course-by-course basis, giving your child same-day access to our full suite of facilities, including both playrooms.



  • Montessori English & Math (customised curriculum for each child)

  • Art appreciation

  • Science experiments

  • General knowledge (English and Chinese)

  • Creative writing

  • And more!

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